Anonymous: can we call you oppa?

yes you can ^^

guys I just made a new Instagram account ~~ I’ll follow you back!! It’s selugasm ~~ ^^

Anonymous: hello~ I was just wondering where you find your textures? Thank u ^^ have a nice dayy

hello anon! i usually find my textures on google and here on tumblr ^_^

Anonymous: your a guy??? omfg that's cool

yes yes ^^

your best excuse is just filled with doubt to me

i feel really happy when people use my edits as their icons eventhough i dont get credited as long as u guys are happy!! ;;

pink haired lu

homilks: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~<3333

THANK YOU! ^____^

kimjongsity: /whispers happy birthday~~~ i love ur blog omona~ continue being happy and i hope you are blessed with everything good ^~^

/whispers thank you so so much and my blog is just a random mess ?? ?  thank you again showers you with love/