happinessanonymous: your graphics are all really pretty! I hope you have a fantastic day (:

aww thank you anon! (even though my graphics have been repetitive and such but thanks anyways ;; ♥)

please cover my heart

kpopandanimelover: A Baekhyun edit please? Thank you!

sure!! ^^


bcosh: playful!hun got his own headband, a small colorful hammer and a toy sword during lucky~ he also kept saying annyeong to the fans ♥

kangwoo enjoying the breeze
Anonymous: thank u for the xiumin edit!!!

you’re welcome anon! ^^

hello it’s been a while but here’s a photo of me

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Anonymous: OMG!! You're a guy!! That makes you a lot cooler ^^ hehe

yes anon ^^ hhh thanks